Co-op to roll out `Pay-in-Aisle ` app at 30 retail sites

Co-op to roll out 'Pay-in-Aisle' app at 30 retail sites

From early next month, customers at 30 Co-operative supermarket stores in the UK will be able to avoid queuing at the till by scanning and paying for their shopping using their mobiles.

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17 Rare Photos From the Past That Will Stun You

Check out 17 historical shots that represent different eras and manage to perfectly capture life at that time. We’ve found some rare pictures of stunning Audrey Hepburn, young Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway boxing and the creators of The Simpsons themselves. Believe it or not, someone even managed to capture a woman born in the first half of the 18th century on a real photograph.

Preview photo credit:
The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald (1977 film): By American Broadcasting Company (ABC), http://abc.go.com
Animation is created by Bright Side.

The always young and beautiful Audrey Hepburn 0:12
This fake city that was built on the roof of The Boeing Factory in Seattle during World War II to strategically deter the Nazis. 0:35
650 officers paying tribute to animals that died during World War I 0:57
This photo was made in 1840. Hannah Stilley is the woman depicted in it — she was born in 1746. There is no other person captured by photograph who had been born earlier than her. 1:21
A young boy that had just stolen his father’s car and crashed it, takes one last puff on his cigarette before facing the consequences. 1:44
Tramcarrier in Leningrad, 1979 2:07
The creators of The Simpsons in the writing room, 1992 2:27
A girl from Mariyka, Ukraine in a wedding dress 2:54
Ernest Hemingway boxing in Africa 3:14
A selfie in the year 1920 3:36
A young Winston Churchill 3:57
Feeding polar bears concentrated milk 4:21
Winter, 1967 4:43
Children going to school in Italy, 1959 5:05
A couple sleeping in a shelter in case of a bombing during World War II 5:29
Lovers tend to look like this in every era. 5:52

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He’s Been Locked In This Machine For 70 Years

Let’s learn about the man who’s been locked in this machine for almost 70 years.
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