Deutsche Bank launches Swift Beneficiary Account Verification service

Deutsche Bank launches Swift Beneficiary Account Verification service

Deutsche Bank has rolled out Swift's new Beneficiary Account Validation (BAV) service, enabling clients to verify payee account details before an international payment instruction is sent.

Key Strategies to Understand how Cross-Border Payments Work

We are very pleased to share a special video that will enable you to understand cross-border payments easily. We believe it has never been so easy to understand payments. In the previous video (here is the link), we provided a proof by presenting the fundamentals to understand domestic payments anywhere in the world. In case you did not watch that video, we encourage you to do so before watching this one. The explanations provided inside are helpful to connect the dots.

Cross-border payments are perceived as one of the most complex topics in payments. But today we want to show you that it is possible to understand cross-border payments easier and faster. In the new video we just published, you will get a unique approach, four key strategies to understand how cross-border payments work. With that approach, you will be able to save previous time and move very quickly in your cross-border payments acquisition skills.

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Ever wondered how does the SWIFT money transfer work? Here is a small brief explanation on how SWIFT moves money. The answer may surprise you.

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What is the SWIFT payment system? How SWIFT Works? Explained

Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the EU and the US announced measures to block selected Russian banks from the SWIFT payments system. What is SWIFT? Watch this Video to find out.

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Deutsche Bank redefines banking with Google Cloud

As one of the world’s leading financial service providers, Deutsche Bank is building the foundations and infrastructure for a compliant, secure experience. With the help of Google Cloud the bank is optimizing it’s operations with data-driven business models, and creates innovative services for its customers to better their lives.

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