Deutsche Bank report warns of fallout from Russia `s Swift ban

Deutsche Bank report warns of fallout from Russia's Swift ban

Facing criticism for its reluctance to pull out of Russia, Deutsche Bank has published a research report warning that banning the pariah state from Swift will "complicate trade and amplify jitters".

The Fallout at Deutsche Bank

Steve Sosnick, Interactive Brokers’ chief strategist, discusses the takeaways investors can gather from the fallout of Deutsche Bank. He also mentions the high cost areas of the bank and how they may need to shrink their way to prosperity.

Produced on July 9, 2019

Money laundering, oligarchs, terrorists: How corrupt are the banks? | To the Point

Are banks helping criminals, oligarchs and terrorists to launder money? That’s what the so-called FinCen leaks allege. How do the charges stack up? Our guests: Daniel Drepper (BuzzFeed News), Vendeline von Bredow (Economist), Matthew Karnitschnig (Politico)
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Deutsche Bank becomes first big bank to forecast U.S. recession

“Achieving a soft landing is never easy but even more difficult in the current environment.”

Deutsche Bank Chief U.S. Economist Matthew Luzzetti talks Fed tightening, inflation, and unemployment.

Deutsche Bank CFO Sees Continued Momentum in Investment Banking

Deutsche Bank Chief Financial Officer James von Moltke discusses the outlook for the firm’s investment banking businesses after the lender closed out its most profitable year in a decade by defending market share gained in fixed income trading. “Going into 2022, we are actually seeing similar momentum,” von Moltke said in an interview with Bloomberg’s Dani Burger.
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