MarketFinance scores debt facility from Deutsche Bank to expand SME lending

MarketFinance scores debt facility from Deutsche Bank to expand SME lending

Digital lender MarketFinance has raised debt financing from Deutsche Bank to support £100m of new lending to UK SMEs, sole traders and partnerships.

Fixed-Income Markets: Issuance, Trading and Funding (2022 Level I CFA® Exam – Reading 40)

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Topic 6 – Fixed Income Markets
Reading 40 – Fixed-Income Markets: Issuance, Trading and Funding
0:00 Introduction and Learning Outcome Statements
3:17 LOS : Describe classifications of global fixed-income markets.
5:50 LOS : Describe the use of interbank offered rates as reference rates in floating-rate debt.
9:13 LOS : Describe mechanisms available for issuing bonds in primary markets.
15:11 LOS : Describe secondary markets for bonds.
18:56 LOS : Describe securities issued by sovereign governments.
20:54 LOS : Describe securities issued by non-sovereign governments, quasi-government entities, and supranational agencies.
24:46 LOS : Describe types of debt issued by corporations.
30:12 LOS : Describe structured financial instruments.
38:57 LOS : Describe short-term funding alternatives available to banks.
39:39 LOS : Describe repurchase agreements and the risks associated with them.

Get Your Securities License: The Preferred Stock for the SIE Test

Are you studying for your Securities or Investment license, either the SIE (Securities Industry Essentials), Series 6 or Series 7. This video explains the concepts of Preferred Stock, including Straight Preferred, Cumulative Preferred, Callable Preferred, Convertible Preferred, Adjustable Preferred and Participating Preferred. We also cover the benefits and risks of Preferred Stock. Be sure to watch the entire video, and please stick around until the end for a practice question. Understanding these concepts could help you pass your FINRA licensing test so you can sell investments or Mutual Funds. This will help you get your license!

00:00 Intro
00:53 Preferred Stock
03:18 Benefits of Preferred Stock
04:00 Risks of Preferred Stock
05:47 Straight Preferred Stock
06:14 Cumulative Preferred Stock
07:54 Callable Preferred Stock
08:57 Convertible Preferred Stock
09:33 Adjustable Preferred Stock
09:51 Participating Preferred Stock
10:19 Order of Dividend Payout
10:56 Test Subject Alert
13:07 Practice Question
14:42 Wrap Up and Thank You

Common Stock Cycle

How to do Financial Analysis of a Company in Excel – Full Tutorial for Beginners from Scratch

This video uses a real case study to explain how a company’s financial analysis is done using their profit & loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statements in MS Excel.

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Project finance – how to size a VAT debt facility


Want to work on project finance and infrastructure deals?
Want to break into private equity? Show you can build “complex financial models from scratch”?
Want to make a quantum leap in your financial modeling skills?
Want to learn Excel VBA and other tips to save you HOURS of work?

THIS is the course for YOU!

This course takes an application-led approach which will guide you through an ENTIRE project finance model build in Excel!

That’s right – you’ll learn how to build one of the most complex financial modeling tools in the industry… from scratch!

Your financial model will:

Handle all the complex financial engineering and analysis applicable to almost ANY infrastructure finance deal
Calculate returns for debt and equity infrastructure investors
Give you flexibility to assess multiple financing and capital structure arrangements
Have clean, efficient VBA code to speed up your analysis and free up your time
Follow the very best practices actually used by professionals in the industry

You’ll cover the theory and financial modeling for:

SPV financings
Flexible capital structuring
Debt sizing
Debt sculpting/tailoring/payment structuring
Construction standby facilities
DSRA DSRF and other reserve provisions
VAT funding
Lender covenants
Complex cash waterfalls
Project finance ratios: DSCR & LLCR
Circular calculations common to project finance modelling

You’ll prepare yourself for to work on infrastructure deals ALL AROUND THE WORLD with:

Advisory teams
Private equity funds
Debt funds
Industrial developers
Asset managers

This course gives you all the pro tips you’d other have to pay $1,000s to access as part of a corporate training programme!!


ENROLL NOW – there’s ZERO RISK as you’re covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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