PKO Bank Polski opens metaverse outpost

PKO Bank Polski opens metaverse outpost

PKO Bank Polski, the largest bank in Central and Eastern Europe, has moved one of the most recognisable buildings in the capital of Poland into the metaworld, where it has set up a virtual branch on the Decentraland platform.

3 RADY dla stawiających PIERWSZE KROKI w Metaverse | Infoshare 2022 | QuHaririson Terry

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Banks Experiments in The METAVERSE| JP Morgan Becomes The First Bank In The Metaverse

The banking industry was absent from the list since it had previously avoided the metaverse until JP Morgan Chase & Co-opted to become the first bank to do so. The bank chose to open a branch in Decentraland, one of the most well-known metaverse platforms. The metaverse gives banks a much-needed method to reintroduce humanity into banking and strengthen existing client relationships by meeting them more significantly. What will banking in the metaverse feel like?

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Marketing in the Metaverse with McKenna Sweazey of metaXmoda

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Virtual Banking in Metaverse

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