RBS bail out funds have transformed SME banking landscape says BCR

RBS bail out funds have transformed SME banking landscape says BCR

Funds donated by The Banking Competition Remedies Board to inject competition into the UK's business banking market have led to a 13% shift away from large incumbent banks to smaller rivals, with Starling and Clearbank the chief beneficiaries.

[RHB x Isentia] Covid-19: Adapt & Respond for SMEs

RHB Singapore and Isentia hosted a webinar to touch on current market trends; in a bid to help SMEs Adapt & Respond during the COVID-19 pandemic, with leading experts from different industries to give their insights.

Guest speakers:
Candice Ong – Chief Commercial Officer, ShopBack
Juliana Salleh – Director of Business Development (Enterprise Growth), NTUC Foodfare
Prashant Saxena – Head of Insights (Asia), Isentia
Daniel Yeo – Head of Retail SME, RHB Bank Singapore
Shekhar Jaiswal – Head of Equity Research, RHB Securities Singapore

You know the difference – Town Hall – Dana Goldman

In a time of recession and uncertainty, we need a leader that puts our SIB residents’ needs first.
In only one year, Dana’s administration eliminated unnecessary and excess expenditures that were set by the past administration.
Dana’s administration lowered the millage rate so we have the lowest property taxes in history;

DBS SME Banking – Banking, Reimagined

As the World’s Best SME Bank, we invite you to come along with us on a journey to reimagine banking. Rediscover banking that’s readily accessible and available anytime, anywhere.

Webinar : SME Banking | Changing Digital Landscape

The SME Banking landscape has witnessed a lot of change in recent times that have fast-tracked digital adoption. Watch the webinar to see how our panelist shares their insights on how banks are transforming the customer onboarding process, adoption of new approaches to customer fulfillment, and best practices for achieving a successful digital transformation.
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